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Refurbished Used Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 16 White Smartphone - Phone Rush

Refurbished Used Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 16 White Smartphone

$ 109.00 $ 249.99

Used Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 16 White Smartphone


Cosmetic Condition of This Phone:

Like New (Certified PreOwned) - Little To No Signs of Use. Comes In a Box. With Charger

Instructions When Phone Arrives:

Just Call Sprint at: 1 (888) 211-4727, and tell them to add this phone to your account.


3 Major Things To Look Forward To With Your New Phone

Large Screen and Fast Internet


The Samsung Galaxy S2 for sprint has a great large screen display, a fast processor for 4G internet, and 

downloading media and applications quickly. The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 D710 has a dual core

snap dragon processor. Download applications like

Facebook, Instragram, and more, you might be

willing to deal with the phone's larger size when you

get a glimpse of the 4.52-inch, WVGA (800x480)

Super AMOLED Plus touch screen. The spacious

display and the vibrant colors make it great for

viewing Web pages and multimedia. There are slightly sharper screens out there, such as the qHD

(960x540 pixels) display on the Motorola Photon 4G, so images and text aren't quite as smooth, but we still

found the Epic 4G Touch's screen easy to read.The touch screen is responsive. The smartphone offers

both Swype and Samsung's virtual keyboards. It registered all our taps, and we were able to easily

navigate through the menus. In addition to using the standard touch interface, you can also use motion

gestures on the Epic 4G Touch. With the settings turned on, you can flip the phone to mute it. With two

fingers on the screen, you can tilt to zoom in and out in the Gallery and browser. Flicking your wrist left or

right (panning) can move a home screen icon when you're holding it. Double-tapping the top of the phone

prepares the Vlingo-powered Voice Talk app for voice commands while you're driving. However, panning

and zooming weren't as responsive as we'd like. While most of the motion controls may not figure into

your daily use, this type of gesture functionality adds welcome options in general.


Great Camera

The Sprint Galaxy S2 D710 is equipped with an 8MP camera, which includes auto-focus, and a flash.

Take selfies with a front 4mp camera built into the front of the phone, also  available for video chat.

The S2 Camera comes with several camera modes including black & white, and autofocus.




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