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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S2 i727 Smartphone 4G LTE

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S2 i727 Smartphone 4G LTE

$ 69.00 $ 249.90

Used AT&T ATT Samsung Galaxy SII i727 Skyrocket White 4G Smartphone


Cosmetic Condition of This Phone:

Like New (Certified PreOwned) - Little To No Signs of Use. Comes In a Box. With Charger

Instructions When Phone Arrives:

Just Insert Your Simcard, And Start Talking


3 Major Things To Look Forward To With Your New Phone

Great Large Sized AMOLED Display Screen

The Samsung Galaxy SII i727 has a large nearly 5-inch large screen display coming in at 4.5”.

The image clarity is very clear because it is 480 x 800 pixels. The high image clarity of the Samsung

Galaxy SII i727 makes it easy to view the screen both outdoors and indoors. The keys and icons are also

easier to see, including sending messages, and dialing phone numbers. Large screen Samsung phones

are enjoyable to watch videos on, and view photographs, or even read news stories and articles without

straining the eye. Images and words on the screen can be magnified by dragging your two fingers in

opposite directions, away from each other.


Very Fast Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor

How fast a phone can process information is one of the most important things in a smartphonenowadays. No matter how large, or how popular a phone may be, how fast it can process

information will determine if it will take all day to play a video or save a picture, or be done with it in a few seconds.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 i727 is equipped with an impressive and very fast processor that can handle

showing videos fast, fast internet, fast sending and receiving messages, fast opening and closing of

different apps and more. As for the tech savvy, the Samsung S2 i727 has a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Dual Core

Snapdragon processor.  The processor is great for games and heavy applications. It even processes faster than some small computers.

Excellent 8.0MP Camera With 1080HP Resolution

The Samsung Galaxy is Equipped With a 8.0 Megapixel Camera, along with a 2.0MP front-facing camera

helps you preserve special moments while on the go including selfies.


The camera has several

photography modes including High Resolution, Low Resolution, Black and White

mode, including dozens

more. Other camera apps can also be downloaded to achieve more camera modes, and effects.


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