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Refurbished Unlocked UsedT-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G Smartphone

Refurbished Unlocked UsedT-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G Smartphone

$ 89.98 $ 299.99

UnlockedT-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G Smartphone


Cosmetic Condition of This Phone:

Like New (Certified PreOwned) - Little To No Signs of Use. Comes In a Box. With Charger

Instructions When Phone Arrives:

Just Insert Your Simcard, And Start Talking


Certified PreOwed The Blaze 4G is Built for Speed

Unlocked To Work With At&t T-Mobile's 4G network with a Qualcomm® 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, and it makes lightning seem slow. The Galaxy S Blaze™ 4G lets you do everything faster and smoother. Browse while gaming, while downloading, while texting. A blink is all the time you need for whatever you need to download or upload.

Boredom Just Disappeared

With your Galaxy S Blaze 4G, entertainment options flow like a fire hose. Get movies and TV shows from Samsung Media Hub, Netflix®, Google Play™ and T-Mobile® TV. Catch HD DivX® flicks with playback up to 1080p on a separate HD device. Are you a music lover? The Blaze is your phone. Store music in the cloud — or explore new tunes — with Google Play, or listen to a personalized radio station on Slacker® radio. If you love to read magazines, you'll have the eReader app from Zinio®. Stay on top of all your social networks with a glance, using integrated social networking from Samsung Social Hub.

Voice Talk with Turn-by-Turn Directions

Your Galaxy S Blaze 4G has Google turn-by-turn directions using only voice command. Just speak your directions out loud. and it speaks to you with Vlingo® Voice Talk. You can also dial a phone number, send a text, navigate to an address, play music, search and much more just by speaking. Driving Mode reads notifications aloud so you can keep your eyes on the road.

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