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About us

About Us..

The Phone Rush is founded by Clifford E Scott shortly after college in 2006 when he had little money and needed an inexpensive quality phone to replace his phone which was ran over by a car. Out of state and far away from home he searched for stores and businesses that sold used phones, and found none locally. He found a few on the internet however their prices were excessive and the quality of the phones were low.

Phone Rush Inc is a Nine Year old company that started as an idea to replace a broken phone. The company later took notice of a larger problem than just a broken phone, the environment & electronic waste. Due to the accelerated pace technology is developing, more and more consumers are upgrading to newer phones and trashing the previous phone, adding to environmental problems. One clear fact is "newer phones and older phones overlap in technology, meaning "newer phones are not really newer". The lastest model of phone may have upgrages in the camera "a pixel or two", one or two new features like fingerprint a scanner, while the previous phone isn't that much different. Phone Rush is the solution to this problem. Phone Rush manages to recover over 100,000 of those phones per year and provide them to its customers at a low cost, and high quality. The Phone Rush retails low prices iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, HTC One, Nokia, and both newer and older model LG phones.

 Phone Rush started out selling phones on eBay in 2006 and has since served over 283,041 happy customers.

Although majority of the companys business is done online at , In 2010 the phone rush opened a local store to give local customers better access at 5220 Austell Rd Ste A, Austell, GA 30106.

Clifford E Scott understands that there is an ever growing need especially during tough times to provide people with inexpensive quality alternatives to cell phone and communication needs & play his part in preserving the environment for future generations by eliminating electronic junk. We live in a time where technology is advancing faster than the people can handle, for example a new phone or computer model is released every month. When people upgrade their phones they usually throw away the previous model or store it in some place never to be seen again. Clifford understood that a perfectly working phone which is still reasonably relevant and functional could serve a greater purpose outside of polluting the environment at a landfill or collecting dust in a drawer someplace. Phone Rush will pay a reasonable amount of money for these phones so that they can be refurbished and recycled at a substantially lower price than what a buyer would have paid if they purchased the same phone brand new.