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Why Phone Rush Stop Selling Products on eBay




eBay Is Not A Safe Market Place For Both Sellers and Buyers Anymore

eBay used to be a site were sellers could offer unique products at wonderful prices and high quality. Phone Rush was a company born on eBay back in 2006 when eBay was a safe marketplace to both buy and sell.

eBay most recently has become a place where fraud, extortion, and high fees have become rampant. Phone Rush no longer wants to be associated with. Because eBay charges its sellers extremley high fee's, the prices of product are much higher now than they ever used to be.

It seems the only time most products are priced low is when they are of very low quality. On the phone rush website, buyers are able to get a high quality item at a lower price, than on eBay where the same product will be in horrible condition for the same price.

On the Phone Rush website, there are no eBay Fee's, there is no fraud, or dishonesty which causes prices to be high in places like eBay where sellers have to raise their prices to make up to losses from both fraud, and eBay Fees.

If you have had a similar experience with buying or selling on eBay feel free to voice your opinions and experiene here good or bad.

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