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Phone Rush To Offer Unlimited Home Internet For $55 A Month


Phone Rush a leading retailer in the retail of used, refurbished, and certified preownd smartphones will be providing a new product and service to its growing customer base on Monday June 13th, of 2016. Clifford E Scott, the companies founder believes that customers should be offered alternatives to overpriced products and services, and strives with a vision to provide that in every way to the loyal customers of Phone Rush.

From used phones at up to 75% off in 2007, the Phone Rush brand has made a gradual progression by adding the offering unlimited cellular service with no contract at to go with the discounted phones it sold. Phone Rush, known for high quality cheap smartphones, and cheap unlimited cellular service, proudly presents and offers Unlimited Home Internet with No Contract, starting at $55/Month.

Phone Rush is in the process of partnering with Conexa to offer this groundbreaking great service to its growing customer base.


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